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mass street mixed use

This comprehensive renovation project involved the complete structural, mechanical, and interior updating of a nearly 10,000 square foot area on the upper level of one of Downtown Lawrence's largest buildings. The space had been neglected and unused for over 20 years. With the lower two floors fully occupied by retail space during construction, we had to tread lightly and quietly while managing countless upgrades throughout the entire building. Eventually we completed the transformation resulting in a light filled, inviting and multifunctional area.


The central focus of the new space is a large main hall that is naturally daylit through several restored clerestories. The hall serves as an art gallery and common gathering point for a multi-functional event space. ‘Pop-up’ restaurants, art classes, guest speakers, cooking classes and others utilize this space and the adjoining catering kitchen for all types of community events. A large, multi-room professional office also opens to the main hall through movable glass walls.


A truly unique residential loft with a large atrium occupies another portion of the upper floor. The atrium design pay homage to an original light monitor and roof access stair that was too deteriorated to be saved and restored. Alternatively, we designed and fabricated new steel trusses, modern glazing, remote controlled skylights, along with a new roof access and roof deck as a significant upgrade to the original.


Re-claimed wood from the renovation project was utilized to create a custom chef’s kitchen to complete the loft. The kitchen features powder coated steel drawer and door fronts, the finest european hardware, and a hand crafted fire clay sink. Many examples of our signature floating shelving are also installed thrughout the the space.


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