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high tech farmhouse

We love to be challenged and the client behind this major project sure knew how to challenge us both creatively and technically. We were given the task of moving a neglected farm house onto a brand new foundation and giving it an extremely thorough renovation and addition that met or exceeded LEED Silver standards for energy efficiency.

In addition to saving portions of the original house, we gave it a new second floor, extensive porches, and many custom finishes and architectural elements. Extensive green and renewable technologies were utilized including complete smart home automation, solar systems, energy monitoring, rain water collection, and 100% LED lighting just to name a few. In conjunction with the new technologies, we also salvaged and re-claimed much of the homes original materials in order to create many of the new features. Walnut cabinetry with aluminum drawer and door fronts, tempered glass, custom built-ins, and power coated steel were brought together to give the project a distinctively modern presence while still preserving the character of its history.

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